2020 Mission Focuses

Meadowbrook partners with numerous organizations in sharing the love of Jesus Christ, advocating for those who have no voice and offering hope.  We select six organizations to focus on as a way to help connect people with their vision.  Each organization will be highlighted over two months to provide information on how they are sharing the hope of Jesus.  Any money designated for missions during those months will 100% be directed to that organization.


January/February Focus:  Buckner Shoes for Orphans Souls


March/April Focus:     Annie Armstrong Missions Offering: Church Starts in USA

Missionary Prayer Guide


May/June Focus:     Dora Bortey – Ghana, Africa (Living for El Shaddai)


July/August Focus:     McLennan County Pack of Hope


September/October Focus:     Samaritains Purse Operation Christmas Child Boxes


November/December Focus:     World Missions Offering with International Mission Board





For additional information on how to become involved in helping, contact Amy Castello, Family and Missions Pastor.