We know that choosing a church family can be a tough decision.

You may be looking to find a place to develop life-long friendships and relationships; or for a relevant message addressing concerns in your life; or maybe you are looking for a church that has ministries for everyone in your family.  Whatever you are looking for, we believe we can be an encouragement to you and your entire family no matter where you are in life's journey. If you are looking for a church family, please be our guest this week.  We look forward to meeting you.


Meadowbrook  began  in  1954  when  Waco  Baptist Association, now  Waco  Regional  Baptist  Network, purchased  land on the corner of Darden Drive and Old Robinson Road for a future church site.  Then in 1958, the Meadowbrook Baptist Mission held a two-week tent revival in  conjunction  with  First  Baptist  Church of Robinson.  Following the revival 17 members for the newly-formed church were received.


Once the church was formed, the meetings began to take place in a wide variety of places.  Meadowbrook met in tents, storage buildings, schools and homes.  Finally, in 1959 the first building was in place where Meadowbrook Baptist Church stands today.  On September 27, 1959, the mission was constituted and became Meadowbrook Baptist Church which included 63 members.


God has blessed Meadowbrook with growth in people and buildings. God is given all the glory and we are thankful for the faithful leadership of Meadowbrook’s people, staff and pastors who have led through the years.  


Meadowbrook has the reputation of being a very healthy, missional  and  family-oriented church.   The desire of Meadowbrook is to truly be a biblically-grounded, ministry-centered, community-reaching church.  We will continue to create new ministries to reach our communities for Christ.