Christian Women's

Job Corp

Every semester CWJC has “shopping days” for their GED students where they get to shop in the Incentives Closet for fun prizes. This is no ordinary treasure chest from elementary school! It’s leveled up to adult gifts that students really love and work hard to achieve (including items like Bath and Body works products, personal electronics, home items and gift cards). It’s a great way to keep our students working hard and doing the extra tutoring and case management that makes CWJC a life-changing resource in women’s lives, impacting their families and community forever. 

Did you know that CWJC serves mostly single mothers? Last year, CWJC saw over 130 women come through their doors and delivered over 250 GED tests. You can make this experience excellent by helping CWJC Stock the Closet. 

You can do this individually, or contribute as a small group, but look for the containers at the front of the Adult Education Building and the back near MBC Kid's Check In. Please place GIFT CARDS in the BLACK BOX in the Welcome Area (labeled CWJC) or you can turn into the Church Office. We ask that all items be NEW and unused to make this a memorable reward for CWJC students. DEADLINE to bring items is September 25th.

If you want ideas of the FAVORITE items, see the Stock the Closet for CWJC flyer