Who should attend MBC’s Marriage Retreat?


ANY couple of ANY age. We have time to learn from one another around our tables. Having couples who have been married different lengths of time, who are in different life phases and who have had different experiences in marriage enriches the experience for all of us.

Who is leading the “Empowered to Love” Marriage Retreat in February 2024?


 Allen and Amy Frans got married 11 days after 9-11 in 2001 and it has been a 22-year adventure ever since. Allen serves as the Youth and Family Pastor at Central Baptist Church in Round Rock while Amy has homeschooled their kids (18 and 16) while being on the worship team at church and working part time in various jobs. At the retreat, we will explore how we are ‘empowered to love’ one another through the power of the Holy Spirit who helps us forgive one another which ensures a fulfilling and healthy marriage.


What can we expect during the session at the retreat?


The sessions are led by Allen and Amy, including time for you and your spouse to process what you are learning. You will NOT be expected to share ‘your stuff’ with other couples.  The folks at each table WILL be asked to share with the small group things like: what did you learn from this session; how might you apply this when you get home?  Our hope is that you can learn from other couples during the retreat, but the primary focus is for you and your spouse to connect with one another.


Talk with your spouse about expectations with the retreat, something like:

  • o   How much alone time versus couple time would you like?
  • o   There is some free time on Saturday afternoon, how would you like to spend that time?
  • o   Are there any issues you would like us to be intentional about discussing while on the retreat?

What is the SCHEDULE for the retreat? A TENTATIVE schedule might look like this…


5:15-6:16 pm 

6:30-7:15 pm 

7:15-8:00 pm 

8:00-9:00 pm 







8:30-9:00 am

9:00-10:15 am

10:15-10:35 am

10:35-11:50 am

12:00-1:00 pm

1:00-3:30 pm

3:30-4:15 pm

**4:15-5:00 pm









Closing Thoughts


**Those choosing to stay TWO nights are ‘on your own’ for dinner and evening plans. There will be a meeting room where you can play games and hang out with other couples on Saturday night. Check out is 11am on Sunday.


What if we cannot afford the $210 retreat cost?

Do NOT let money be the reason you do not attend the retreat. Scholarships are available. Email amy_castello@meadowbrookbc.org to find out more information