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What is a Connect Group

  • Connect Groups are made up of no more than 9 people (who can fit easily around a round table) and meet weekly on Connect Night (Wednesdays, 6:15-7:30 pm).   Each group will be a space and place where people can be known helping building connections with other Christ followers.   This is one way we demonstrate our Core Value of “living in community” as we all become “more fully committed followers of Jesus Christ.”

Expectations of a Connect Group Member

  • I will make attending and participating in my  Connect Group a priority.
  • I will be open and honest  seeking to build authentic relationships with my group.
  • I will be available to invest in the lives of group members.
  • I will be prepared to engage in discussion.
  • I will hold others accountable while being held accountable to living like Jesus.
  • I will pray for and with the members of our group.


Contact David or Amy in the church office for more info or email

Connect Group DNA

  • Led by facilitators who will go through training to prepare them for the responsibilities of a Connect Group facilitator.
  • Connect Groups will use the hour and 15 minutes this way (A large group facilitator will helping guide the evening):
  • Looking Backward – 15 minutes (check in on their week; discuss things where accountability was requested)
  • Looking Up – 35 minutes (deeper discussion questions on the sermon from that week or practicing a spiritual discipline such as prayer or scripture study) 
  • Looking Forward – 20 minutes (allows for practice of spiritual disciplines; time to set goals for the week; time to pray for one another)
  • Connect Groups can be both age-graded and multi-generational.
  • Connect Groups are not designed to be where the Bible is taught (this happens in Sunday school); instead it’s a place where what was taught on Sunday in the sermon can be discussed at a deeper level in these smaller, more intimate groups.
  • Connect Groups will be a ‘safe place’ to be real about your relationship with God.