At a special called church Business Meeting in both worship services on Sunday, April 24, 2022, the congregation voted to adopt the proposed amdended bylaws.


There were a total of 255 votes cast.


252 ballots were cast for Yes. I am in favor of adopting the Amended Bylaws dated March 2022.


3 ballots were cast for No. I am not in favor of adopting the Amended Bylaws dated March 2022.


The motion passes and the Amended Bylaws will now supersede any and all previous documents.




A note from  the Bylaws Revision Team


In August 2019, the Bylaws Team began meeting. The first task was to read the 2009 bylaws and then to research bylaws of other Baptist churches to help process what was relevant to Meadowbrook’s goal of being a Christ-centered church. There are some substantial changes that the team has prayed about, discussed and debated over the past months in preparing the document. The committee also sought the guidance and legal expertise of John Litzler, General Council for the Baptist General Convention of Texas. The team is in full agreement that these suggested changes are the right ones for Meadowbrook moving forward.


The Bylaws Team held open meetings on Sunday, March 13 and Wednesday, March 16.  Numerous people took advantage to ask questions and provide feedback to the committee.  The committee met to consider input provided, made some adjustments and are now ready to present the final document for a vote to adopt.


A special called business meeting will be held at the conclusion of both services, Sunday, April 24 with the following motion being presented.  Church members will be asked to vote by secret ballot with a signature required.  Because of the long-term efforts of the team, no further discussions for any modifications will be available at that time. The motion presented for voting to accept or reject the proposed amended bylaws will read as follows:


The Bylaws Team moves Meadowbrook Baptist Church approve the adoption of the Amended Bylaws dated March 2022 as presented with no amendments or changes.


The following church members have served on this team: Jan Cason, Committee Chair, Terry Fox, Vice Chair, Bryan Ferguson, Susie Holdbrook, Sharon Blanchard, Merrikay Shade, Bylaw Secretary, Cary Killough, Senior Pastor, David Cozart, Executive Pastor.


You may review or download all the current and proposed documents by clicking on the labeled links above.