Bounce is a ministry of Texas Baptists.  You can learn more here.


Meadowbrook will be hosting students from all over Texas participating in BOUNCE  July 11 - 15.

This is a great opportunity for families, individuals, classes or Connect Groups to serve together. 


Approximately 200 students and their leaders will be staying on our campus while working on community rehabilitation construction projects in areas of Waco. 



Volunteers are needed to assist with:


MEALS:  Judy Hill will be leading all the cooking and will need help with preparation, cooking and cleaning up for Breakfast (served at 6 am) and Dinner (served at 6 pm)


SERVING AND CLEANING UP AFTER MEALShelp with clean up after breakfast and dinner will be needed.


SANDWICHES FOR LUNCH:  Make sandwiches (food provided by church) to the work sites

SAFETY AND SECURITY:  Be present to watch over the campus, the extra vehicles and contact authorities in any emergency


Contact David in the church office for more info or email him


BOUNCE Schedule



            2:00 PM           Mission Check-In Begins

            4:00-6:00         BOUNCE Bash!

            4:15                 Adult Informational Meeting

            6:00                 Dinner Time!

            7:00                 Meet Your Mission Team/Mission Team Position Training

            8:00                 Worship

            9:30                 Youth Group Reflections

            10:30               Everyone in Your Rooms

            11:00               Lights Out


Tuesday - Friday Mornings

            6:00 AM          Breakfast

            7:00                 Go Time! (Day 2 only -- Prayer of Commission)

                                    Time Alone With God after Team arrives at Ministry Worksite

            Noon               Lunch & Devotion Time at Ministry Worksite

            4:00 PM           Return to Lodging Facility     


 Tuesday - Thursday Afternoons

            5:30                 Group Leader Meeting

            6:00                 Dinner Time!

            7:30                 Worship         

            8:45                 Youth Group Reflections

            10:00               Everyone in Your Rooms

            10:30               Lights Out


Friday afternoon

            6:00                 Dinner Time!

            7:15                 Worship

            8:15                 Final Mission Team Time                   

            8:45                 Wrap Party!

            9:45                 Youth Group Reflections

            11:00               Everyone In Your Rooms

            11:30               Lights Out



            6:00 AM          Continental Breakfast Available

            6:30                 Check Out Begins/Clean Your Rooms/Load Your Stuff

            8:00                 BOUNCE Back Home--Depart Facility & Head Home                       



Please Note: Schedules are subject to change.  Coordinators will communicate schedule changes with Group Leaders.